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This site will give you an overview of the Iceman. It's quick and easy but I used it mostly for the curse of Otzi information.  The site is geared more toward high school ages.


This site is pretty much useless, but I found a good picture on here!


More information on Otzi's supposed curse


This is where I found the latest hypothesis on Otzi's death.


National Geographic website is always helpful. I came here for a second opinion on Otzi's death.


Good pictures on here. More info on Otzi's death.


Used only for pictures


The BBC is always good when trying to find info, but I found that a lot of the info on here may be old because some of it is incorrect. I just used the site to compare it to National Geographic and NOVA.>

This article was written by Brenda Fowler who also wrote the book "Iceman". The book was great and I would recommend to anyone who enjoyed reading about him on this site.


More good pictures and information on Otzi's death.