Upon closer examination, Otzi was found to have tattoo markings on various parts of his body. Scientists proposed that they must have been some kind of therapy for arthritis because they were placed very close to acupressure points used in arthritis treatment today. Because he remained fully clothed most of the year, the tattoos were not likely for decoration. Another hypothesis was that they were markings received as a prisoner or criminal.



      Are You Kidding Me?

   No. Brad Pitt does indeed have a picture of the Iceman tattooed on his forearm. Why? I don't know. He's just cool like that.










     Otzi's final resting place (for now) is in a museum in Bolzano, Italy. The refrigerator they keep him in was specially designed to stay cold but keep very high humidity that would mimic an alpine glacier environment.  The Otzi display is the museums main attraction, and on one of the days that Otzi was taken off the shelf to be analyzed, attendance for the museum dropped drastically.





        Needful Things


      Artifacts Found With Otzi:

 Quiver made from Chamis hide

 Fourteen arrows, two of which were finished

 Tool for sharpening his flint

 Longbow made of yew

 Wood frame and cords from a backpack

 Tassel made with a white marble bead and twisted  hide strips

 Ibex bones

 Two birch-bark cylinders

 Two pieces of birch fungus

 Copper ax (first thought to be bronze)

 Leather belt pouch

 Flint dagger with a woven sheath


Have You No Soul?


     Otzi is one hot commodity. These drinks need no explanation, and at the Bolzano museum gift shop you can pick up a keychain, a snow globe, or even a t-shirt that will memorialize your visit with this dead man's body.  It's all about the cash flow.