The Ridiculous Curse of Otzi

     So what is this curse we have been hearing about? Is it similar to the cursed mummy hand or the ancient curses of Egyptian tombs?  Well...yes.  Itís just as lame if thatís what you are asking.

Supposedly Otzi is cursed because a few people involved in his excavation and in the research have died since then.  If you want to get technical, well, people do die every once in a while, but some people feel that the Otzi death rate is above the normal stats.

People who have died since he was ripped out of the ice with a ski pole now total 7.  WOW (sarcasm).  Seven out of 100 or so people who have come into generally close contact with Otzi have died.  There is no scientific evidence that a 5300-year-old corpse has powers to kill. I would like to see how that hypothesis would be tested after I finish laughing hysterically.

Just for fun, here is a list of the people who died after being involved with the Iceman. 

         Rainer Henn: a 64-year-old forensic pathologist from Innsbruck University.  He died in a car accident on his way to a conference about the Iceman.

         Kurt Fritz: a 52-year old mountain guide. He was killed in an avalanche.

         Rainer Holz: a 47-year-old film maker. He died of a brain tumor.

         Helmut Simon: the 69-year-old co-discoverer of the Icemanís corpseÖhe fell 300 feet to his death during a mountain hike.  They found him in a stream 8 days later.

         Dieter Warnecke: the 45-year-old man who headed Hemut Simonís rescue team died of a heart attack a few hours after Simonís funeral.

         Konrad Spindler: the 66-year-old author of the book that jumped to conclusions about Otziís death (the same book that earned him some serious money) died from complications from multiple sclerosis.

         Tom Loy: a 63-year-old molecular archaeologist who discovered the blood on Otziís weapons died from a blood disease that he was diagnosed with around the same time that he began working on the Iceman.

 's so STRANGE that these young men died at such an early age.